Assac Group

Founded in 1932, Assac is the name of a tradition. A symbol of continuous growth and hard work while preserving the heritage & grasping the changes happening around the globe.

Almost a century old experience of three generations evolved into one of the most diversified and innovative business groups of Pakistan.

It was Sialkot city of then British India where Khawaja Ghulam Muhammad (Late) laid foundation of his first ever company to manufacture Sports Goods to embark a journey of success & achievements. This company operated successfully for decades regardless of geo-political changes took place in the region.

Today Assac Group with its headquarter in Lahore Pakistan, is proud to have a Handmade Carpet Manufacturing company, a textile unit, couple of country's leading fashion brands & a sports goods manufacturing company. Many investment projects are underway. Under the visionary leadership of Group Chairman Khawaja Muhammad Ashraf, Assac has never looked back on the road of prosperity.

Group's current activities & operations are being managed & controlled completely by Group's Chief Executive Officer Khawaja Javed Ashraf, eldest son of Khawaja Muhammad Ashraf and assisted by Junaid Ashraf Khawaja.

With every day passed, Assac is moving forward promising a bright future for everyone in Assac Team.